Available Now

We are currently working on many exciting things to share with you! Those things will be made available in the coming weeks. We invite you to follow our story through our blog and social media so you will be sure to know when we have updates here on our website!

Fresh fancy eggs from fancy hens fed a 100% organic diet will be available in the coming days! Included in a mixture of white to dark brown eggs you will find “Chocolate” eggs (These are considered highly sought after gourmet eggs in France where the breed which lays them originates!) as well as light olive green and light blue green eggs.  We have a variety of laying hens from various breeds of chickens to add interest to your egg cartons! Our hens are well loved and well fed with lots of nutrient dense organic treats and we believe it shows! If you have questions  or would like to buy eggs, we invite you to send us a message via our contact page!

We will also be offering Organic Painted Mountain Flour Corn seed in limited amounts. This corn has successfully been grown in North Central PA and should be adapted to the weather conditions of the region. Painted Mountain Corn is a beautiful and very fast growing, high nutrient, high protein (for corn) staple crop. Painted Mountain Corn has been cultivated for a shorter season, and colder climate in Montana. Painted Mountain Corn matured about a month earlier than our Carl’s Glass Gem Corn, and most of the local corn. It is beautiful and colorful growing in the field! If you are interested you can contact us before the listing via our contact page.

More to come soon!