Welcome To Applesnitch Farms!

Applesnitch Farms is a permaculture food forest project! Here at Applesnitch Farms we employ “beyond organic” agricultural practices in an effort to produce food within a thoughtfully designed symbiotic natural system! In a time of leeched soils, over use of synthetic chemicals, and a purported need for genetic engineering of food which can grow under such conditions, often resulting from the practices of mono-culture crops; we seek to contribute to creating a more sustainable model.  


Colonial American Apples

There are many reasons why so many people are seeking a more organic, nutrient rich diet. Whatever reasons you may have for doing so, the fact is, you are just seeking food that is the way food is meant to be, the way the foods were as the human body evolved along side them for many thousands of years.


Conventional mono-culture farming practices have given rise to a variety of challenges both in food production, as well as concerns with regard to environmental impacts. Our culture developed the well known conventional methods to meet the needs of an era long past. Now we find ourselves in a new era, with new needs.

Some of the more common challenges which have arisen as a result of  conventional farming methods are soil depletion, diseases, and pest control.

We seek to address these challenges by encouraging symbiotic relationships between plants, soil, beneficial insects, and animals while utilizing efficient methods of managing resources to create a living system which mimics the way foods and other plants grow in wild natural systems without human intervention. It has been our experience that this creates amazing abundance and solves many of the common woes of common farming practices. In circumstances where some intervention becomes necessary to prevent plant disease, or insect damage we use the least invasive organically certified methods as additional natural solutions to balancing the system are sought.

Another benefit to smaller scale organic farming solutions is that it allows one to specialize in greater food diversity! This is exciting! There are SO many heirloom foods from all over the world that many people have been missing out on entirely! For instance; did you know that there are (NON-GMO) black tomatoes which have high amounts of the same antioxidants which are found in super healthy blueberries? Did you know that there is literally an entire rainbow of heritage corns you CAN eat? I had always been told any non-yellow corn was just for decoration! Did you know that the Native peoples of North and South America (among others) had a method of processing their corn so as to remove the ‘protective coating’ referred to by some people as “anti-nutrients” because they can block the absorption of the nutrients in the corn? Did you know that many of those colored corns have higher protein and more nutrients in them than most conventional corn? Maybe you don’t care much for corn? I guarantee you if you stick around and follow our blog you are sure to find a fruit, vegetable, or herb that you find fascinating! These are foods that many of our ancestors used to cultivate and through the efforts of some amazing people we still have access to them today! Due to the rarity of some of these seeds many of them are considered gourmet in high end restaurants in Europe, and all over the world!


We invite you to follow us on social media, and/or bookmark our website so you can see our updates as soon as they are posted! Follow us on our adventure as we continue to revitalize and expand upon the remnants of an old Colonial Era apple orchard nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania along side even older Native American sacred sites and stomping grounds! You may just find some fun kid friendly veggies you didn’t even know existed! : )


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